Board and Executive

The Board consists of 11 members appointed by the Governor in accordance with the provisions of the Act as follows:

  • An independent Presiding Member nominated by the Minister after consultation with Industry.
  • Two Members and Deputies, with experience and expertise in the VET Sector nominated by the Minister.
  • Five Members and Deputies nominated by employer associations named in Schedule 2 of the Act.
  • Three Members and Deputies nominated by employee associations named in Schedule 3 of the Act.

Current directors of the Board



Peter Herbert Kennedy, Independent Presiding Member                   

Members representing the interests of employers in the building and construction industry

Natasha Hemmerling, nominee of Master Plumbers Association of SA (MPASA)
Stephen Knight, nominee of Housing Industry Association (HIA)
Christine Stone, nominee of the Master Builders Association (MBASA)
Daniel Gannon, nominee of Property Council of Australia 
Phillip Sutherland, nominee of by Civil Contractors Federation (CCF)

Members representing the interests of employees in the building and construction industry

Gary Henderson, nominee of Australian Workers Union (AWU)
Martin O'Malley, nominee of Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union
Jessica Rogers, nominee of CEPU Electrical and Plumbing Division 

Members nominated by the Minister

Nicholas Handley                                   
Denise Janek, Technical and Further Education SA (TAFE SA)

Executive Team

Marie Paterson, Chief Executive Officer                                                      
Mark Gosden, Executive Manager Operations
John Morgan, Executive Manager Finance & Business Services

Program Managers

Richard Megaw, Project Manager D2C™                                                   
Eric Parnis, Manager Research
Holly Willcox, Quality Manager, Construction Worker Programs