Workforce Development

Workforce Development aims to improve the entire industry workforce by focusing on training policies, population policy, migration initiatives, health and retirement policies, industrial and human resource policies.

Training touches each of the following elements of workforce development:

  • Attraction
  • Recruitment
  • Development
  • Retention
  • Return (to the workforce in another capacity)

The plans match the stage of the industry in the cycle typical of construction. In workforce development this means an ongoing focus on training but a change in emphasis from recruitment to retention and from short-term skill needs to consolidation of capabilities.

The CITB engages in a suite of initiatives as training needs emerge that are not otherwise being addressed. It also represents industry views to external training related agencies both state and federal.  Consultation with industry enables experience and expertise in all sectors and trade areas to inform wider research, policy and planning provisions to meet industry needs. 

CITB undertake the following workforce development functions
  • Provide industry intelligence and strategic advice on current and emerging skill and workforce development needs from the perspectives of employer, employee and independent industry practitioner.
  • Promote the importance of integrating skill development and business development.
  • Advocate South Australian industry's views in the development, implementation and review of nationally recognised training products and services.
  • Promote the advantages to be gained from education, recognised training and lifelong learning for all South Australians.
  • Provide advice on the recognition of skills and qualifications gained overseas.
  • Provide advice to the Minister, government and its agencies both state and federal.