Access & Equity Program

The Access & Equity program provides funding for a number of key initiatives.

Aboriginal Workforce Development Initiative (AWDI)

The AWDI program applies the principle that consistent engagement is needed to facilitate an ongoing career pathway in construction for aboriginal workers in line with the Closing the Gap policy and to introduce a cohort of youth to a potential career in construction. The objective of this initiative is to support increased participation of Aboriginal workers in the construction industry in line with the State Government Workforce Participation Policy.

CITB works with employers, both large and small, to maximise apprenticeship and employment opportunities for Aboriginal youth in the construction Industry. Mentoring is also made available to Aboriginal apprentices and workers.

The program supports Aboriginal students in general Doorways2Construction (D2C) VET-in-schools programs around the state and where appropriate "Aboriginal-only" D2C programs as well.

CITB has developed a training course to assist Aboriginal trainees into the construction industry in a variety of construction fields of work in remote communities. The aim of the course is to provide a structured training framework to support employment opportunities through the creation of community maintenance teams. The course provides a pathway to trade training opportunities should they arise.

As at 30 June 2018, 49 apprentices were enrolled in the AWDI. In its fourth year of operation, the program has seen the successful completion of three apprentices.

Doorways2Construction (D2C)

D2C has been the mainstay of CITB's engagement with school age youth. It provides a pathway integrated with SACE completion that fosters interest in construction careers and progression on a qualification pathway. Many students may ultimately decide that construction is not for them - that of itself is beneficial because it helps reduce attrition among commencing apprentices not acquainted with the realities of the vocation pathway they have chosen.

Targeted Adult Apprentice Participation Initiative

The decision for employers to take on adult apprentices is significant due to the additional cost of paying adult wages. This cost is further amplified due to the additional time required to supervise and train on the job.

To assist employers to take on adult apprentices, CITB is offering additional support commencing in 2018-19. This initiative aligns with the Skilling South Australia Policy to grow the number of apprenticeships in our State.

Women in Construction

Career paths for Women in Construction is promoted primarily through exposure to the Doorways2Construction program.


CITB's tradie2trainer program is conducted on an as-needs basis to turn tradespeople into trainers, providing a retention and skills transfer strategy for mature age workers who might otherwise move out of the industry.

The CITB works with industry associations to provide a qualification and career pathway for mature workers keen to qualify in an education and training role. The methodology behind tradie2trainer is to keep knowledge and techniques within the industry by training tradespeople who would like to stay in the industry but not "on the tools" to train the next generation. The pathway can lead to a formal qualification in education comprising the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. This means increased effectiveness and delivery of technical training to students, technical college or trade school students and young workers in the industry.