Innovation Program

The CITB has a dedicated program focussed on innovation in the building and construction industry. Some initiatives include:

BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • BIM is an integrated design / construction / management tool based on 3D computer modelling of any built structure.
  • It will change the way the construction process takes place with an end-objective of increased savings through reduction of all forms of waste (time, labour, resources, materials & energy etc.) through better coordination of the processes involved.
  • Models become shared knowledge resources to support decision-making throughout the life of the building.
  • CITB works with industry to provide subsidised training programs that enable all levels of the industry to take advantage of this technology.
  • Federal and State Governments are also supporting the introduction of BIM to drive the construction industry into a new efficient, low carbon era of construction.

BIM is currently used in a number of projects around Adelaide.  A few of the projects are listed below:

BIM Training Courses

In response to industry need the CITB has developed an Introduction to BIM course.

Learn more about the future of our building industry.

Heritage Trades
  • The Heritage Trades program is designed to preserve rare, heritage and artisan trades.
  • Training is conducted on live sites of architectural and heritage building significance across South Australia.
  • Participants experience hands-on learning in stonemasonry, fibrous and solid plastering, artisan painting, decorative finishing, wrought iron, stained glass and timber conservation.
  • The program has attracted over 300 skilled tradespeople to learn skills, build the pool of labour and train future generations.
  • Training is facilitated through collaboration between CITB and Applied Building Conservation Training.
  • A number of buildings around South Australia have already been restored.
  • Check out the Heritage Trades Facebook page to view our projects.

For an in-depth look at how our Heritage restoration projects work with communities check out the Coulthard House project at Nuriootpa during 2014.