Apprentice FAQs

Questions about your CITB number:

Why should I apply for a CITB number?
  • We will subsidise up to 80% of each short course you attend up to $3,000 per year
  • Access to our new Apprentice Incentives payments
  • Your employer can access funding from CITB to pay for your trade training and on job training costs
How do I apply for a CITB number?

Download the MyCITB app and follow the simple steps or apply online. All you will need is your employer's ABN.

I can't remember if I have a CITB number...
I already have a CITB number, what do I need to do?

If you already have a CITB number you can renew it through our MyCITB app or online.

Why is my CITB number on hold, and what can I do?

Your CITB number may be on hold for a few reasons:

  1. We may be unable to confirm your training contract via TAS (Traineeship and Apprenticeship Services). We get a report each week and will process your application when we you appear on that report.

  2. Your employer is not registered with CITB. We will contact your employer directly to register with us or you can direct them to register online.
How will I know if my CITB number has been processed?

Once your application is assessed you will receive a text message letting you know if your number is approved, on hold or declined.

Alternatively, you can check the status of your CITB number.

Why is my application taking so long?

Apprentice CITB numbers can take a week or longer to approve. This is due to processing times for training contracts. However, if you need your CITB number approved for training please contact us on 1800 739 839.

Questions about your apprenticeship:

Where can I get support throughout my apprenticeship?

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) is your first point of contact for all queries about apprenticeships. The two AASNs in SA are:

  1. MEGT
  2. MAS National

When you commenced your apprenticeship, it is likely you would have engaged with an apprenticeship consultant from MEGT or MAS National. They may be able to assist you with any issues or challenges your are experiencing.

In South Australia, you can also seek assistance through Apprenticeships and Traineeship Services if you are not getting the training you expected or there are issues with the workplace.

Who is required to pay for trade school fees?

The costs of training are dependent on your qualification and the trade school you attend. Most modern awards require the employer to either pay directly or reimburse the cost of trade training to the apprentice/trainee. More information can be found at Fair Work.

If your employer receives ATS (Apprentice Training Support) funding from the CITB, it is a condition of our funding that the employer pays the trade school's fees directly.

If you are unsure or have questions about your training contract you can contact your AASN - In SA, they are:

  1. MEGT
  2. MAS National
Where else can I access other support? i.e. wages, rights, awards, etc

SafeWork SA are South Australia's workplace health and safety regulator. They offer:

Fair Work Ombudsmen will:

  • provide education, assistance, advice and guidance to employers, employees, outworkers, outworker entities and organisations
  • promote and monitor compliance with workplace laws
  • inquire into and investigate breaches of the Fair Work Act
  • take appropriate enforcement action
  • perform their statutory functions efficiently, effectively, economically and ethically.

South Australian Skills Commission are there to support and help manage your training contract, resolve problems or get general advice.

Mental Health Support:

Mates in Construction

Beyond Blue