Apprentice Incentives

It pays to be an apprentice. Now more than ever.

CITB can give you plenty of reasons to do an apprenticeship. Now we’re giving you 3 more.

CITB has just launched 3 incentives to help apprentices start and complete their qualification.

Career Driven
Don’t have a driver’s license? Don’t sweat it. CITB will pay for your driving lessons.

Work Equipment Allowance
It’s the ultimate gift card - a $500 work equipment allowance that lets you buy the work gear you need.

Apprentice Incentive Payments
Like to bank a cash bonus for completing year #1 of your apprenticeship? Boom. It’s yours.

Please note the apprentice incentive payments were introduced as a pilot program on 1 November 2021 and extended into the 22/23 Annual Training Plan.
This incentive will expire on 30 June 2023 and any training contract commencement after this date will not be eligible.