We are aware of an issue that may be affecting those applying for a CITB number, and are looking into it.

Career Driven - D2C to Apprentice

If you are a current D2C student and you start an apprenticeship either school-based or full-time doing a CITB eligible qualification with a CITB eligible employer you can access another 7 free lessons (10 in total).

To apply for the additional 7 lessons please complete the below form and either upload a copy of your Approved Training Contract or get your employer to complete Letter of Offer.

You will also need to renew your CITB number and select the apprentice option for your Career Driven - D2C to Apprentice application to progress.

Do you currently hold a valid SA learners permit? *
Do you have a CITB number? (You will need one to access this funding) *
I have already been approved for 3 hours of Career Driven funded driving lessons? *
I am a D2C student and am now in an apprenticeship in a CITB eligible qualification *

You can find your employers ABN on a payslip or you can ask your boss

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