My Profiling Multipic

The My Profiling Multipic mobile app is quick and easy to use and completed on a weekly basis.

Important message to users of the My Profiling smartphone app.

Be advised that use of the My Profiling app has now become unavailable. Due to an update to Android and iPhone operating systems.

This issue relates to all apprentices/trainees. This issue may not currently affect all phone brands using My Profiling but CITB anticipates all users will be affected shortly. Due to these circumstances, all apprentices/trainees are required to start using My Profiling Multipic.

All users must do the following:

  1. Save and send any open entries you have (if possible)
  2. Delete the current version of My Profiling
  3. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store and search for My Profiling Multipic.
  4. Install the My Profiling Multipic app
  5. Continue weekly use of My Profiling Multipic as per the CITB Terms and Conditions of Funding.

Your username and password has not changed.

If you have forgotten your username please contact the CITB on 8172 9500 or send us an email.

If you have forgotten your My Profiling password, you must select “Forgot Password” on the login screen of the My Profiling Multipic app. An email with a new password will be sent to your registered email.


How to use My Profiling Multipic for Apprentices
How to use My Profiling Multipic for Supervisors 

Download the My Profiling Multipic App

Apple iPhone or iPad
Android Phone
Desktop / Laptop

Why apprentices and trainees need to use My Profiling Multipic
  • Employers who demonstrate that they have provided their Apprentice/Trainee with an extensive range of skills and scenarios relevant to their qualification are eligible for the On-Job Training Support Payment.
  • Information collected in the My Profiling Multipic app is part of the conditions of payment for the On-Job Training Support Payment.
  • Tasks performed on-the-job are recorded by the Apprentice/Trainee and verified by the employer using the My Profiling Multipic app or any other industry approved e-book. Tasks entered should be a true reflection of what the Apprentice/Trainee perform on-the-job every week.
  • Apprentices/Trainees can easily keep track of what skills and projects they have been working on.
  • Employers can see how the skills of the Apprentice/Trainee are progressing.
  • Training providers can gain an overall view of skills practiced on-the-job, match them to training package competencies and view any skill shortages.