My Profiling

The My Profiling mobile app is quick and easy to use and completed on a weekly basis.

Why apprentices and trainees need to use My Profiling
  • Apprentices/Trainees can easily keep track of what skills and projects they have been working on. 
  • Employers can see how the skills of their apprentice/trainee are progressing.
  • Training providers can gain an overall view of skills practiced on the job, match them to training package competencies and view any skills shortages.
  • Information collected in the My Profiling app is part of the conditions of payment for the On-Job Training Support Payment. 
  • Employers who demonstrate that they have provided their Apprentice/Trainee with an extensive range of skills and scenarios relevant to their qualification are eligible for the On-Job Training Support payment. 
  • Tasks performed on-the-job are recorded by the Apprentice/Trainee and verified by the employer using the My Profiling app or any other industry approved e-book.

Download the My Profiling App

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My Profiling Explainer Videos

Apprentices & Trainees (2 minutes)

Employers (2 minutes, 40 seconds)