Regional Training Incentive

Discover funding for outer regional workers who need to travel to Adelaide for their construction training.

CITBs regional training incentive is available to eligible construction workers who live in outer regional South Australia. The incentive offers reimbursement on travel and accommodation expenses you would normally be expected to incur if you needed to travel to Adelaide for training.

CITB course fee subsidies make training more affordable. Check the list of subsidised courses to ensure you can receive a discount on the cost of your training and claim the training incentive.

Apprentices can take a range of courses, excluding high-risk training.

Local training providers
If you choose a course and there is a training provider close to where you live, please consider attending locally before making the decision to travel to Adelaide.

CITB number
Before you book in for your course with the training provider, make sure your CITB number is approved. Having an approved CITB number means that you are eligible to receive CITB course fee subsidies and travel and accommodation expenses.

Accommodation reimbursement and keeping your records
Please keep your accommodation receipt/s as you will be required to attach your receipt/s to the claim.

The accommodation reimbursement is based on the number of course hours we fund. For example, CITB fund 8 hours of training for the Building Codes and Standards course that attracts a $150 reimbursement for one night of accommodation. See the below table for more details.

Please note courses usually run for more hours than we fund, therefore you should check with the training provider to understand what the total course duration is.

CITB Funded HoursNumber of NightsReimbursement Amount
2 - 8 hours1$150.00
9 - 16 hours2$300.00
17 - 24 hours3$450.00
25 - 32 hours4$600.00
33 - 40 hours5$750.00

Making a claim
You can submit your claim after you have successfully completed your training. Payments can take up to 30 days.

Claims can be backdated to 1 February 2021.

Next steps ...
Use the calculator below to get an estimate of your travel allowance and accommodation reimbursement.

Estimate calculator


This course is available with a local training provider near your postcode and you may not need to travel to Adelaide.
Contact your local training provider for more details.