Register for Annual Council Payment

To accept the lodgement of a single “project” for building and construction work carried out in the previous financial year, please complete this online form.

Register for the ‘Annual Council Payment’ to pay for all the capital works and repairs & maintenance projects (where applicable) at the end of the financial year.

Benefits of annual lodgement:

  • Time saving, only have to submit one levy project
  • No requirement to finalise multiple projects and potential additional levies payable, refund applications, as annual lodgement is based on actual project costs

Terms & Conditions of signing up to annual lodgement

  • Council is required to ensure levies are lodged for all building and construction activities greater than $40,000. Levy projects can be lodged and paid by either Council or the Head Contractor, depending on the details of the contract.
  • The value of any GST payable is to be included as a component of the estimated value of building or construction work. Per CITF Regulation 2021, section 16.
  • GST is not payable on the actual levy amount, per section 81-5 of A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax Act) 1999. Tax invoices will not be issued as there is no entitlement to input tax credits arising from payment of the levy.
  • Any individual projects for FY2021/22 that have already been lodged by your council need to remain as individual projects and need to be deducted from the FY 2021/22 annual lodgement.
  • If work is carried out under a contract or series of contracts then the levy is paid on the total contract value.
  • Annual Council Lodgement required by 8th September 2022.
  • Payment terms are 14 days from date of levy notice.

Register for Annual Council Program