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Select, prepare and administer a construction contract (Cert 4)
Course Service ID 1360
Funded Hours 32
CITB Subsidised Amount $430
Competency Standard CPCCBC4003 - Select, prepare and administer a construction contract
Learning Outcomes

1 Identify and analyse business contracts.

2 Select appropriate contract.

3 Prepare the contract.

4 Administer the contract.

5 Finalise a contract.

Course Objectives

This unit of competency specifies the skills and knowledge required to select, prepare and administer contracts for commercial and residential construction projects. It includes contract selection, administration of a range of documents related to the contract and identifying causes of breach of contract.

It applies to National Construction Code (NCC) classifications:

Residential - Class 1 and 10 buildings, maximum two storeys
Commercial - Class 2 to 9, Type C only constructions.
It applies to builders, estimators and project and site managers who interpret complex documents and communicate clearly and succinctly during contract negotiations.

This unit of competency is suitable for people operating with autonomy. A person working at this level would be expected to take responsibility for selecting and preparing construction contracts.

Completion of the general construction induction training program specified by the model Code of Practice for Construction Work is required for any person who is to carry out construction work. Achievement of CPCCWHS1001Prepare to work safely in the construction industry meets this requirement.

Licensing, regulatory or registration requirements apply to this unit of competency in some jurisdictions. Relevant state and territory regulatory authorities should be consulted to confirm these requirements.


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