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Join polyethylene plastic pipelines using butt welding
Course Service ID 2046
Funded Hours 8
CITB Subsidised Amount $450
Competency Standard PMBWELD301E Join polyethylene plastic pipelines using butt welding
Prerequisites N/A
Learning Outcomes

1. Identify compatibility of materials for welding

2. Calculate pipe welding parameters

3. Maintain and adjust welding equipment

4. Perform butt welding operations

5. Visually inspect completed joints

Course Objectives

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to join polyethylene (commonly referred to as PE) plastic pipelines using butt welding, both in the field and under factory conditions.

This unit applies to an experienced technician working alone or as part of a team.

The unit principally refers to the practical application of polymer material science to employ molecular diffusion across the pipe faces, under controlled conditions, to achieve welding across the joint.

No licensing or certification requirements exist at the time of publication. Relevant legislation, industry standards and codes of practice within Australia must be applied.


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