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Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention
Course Service ID 1487
Funded Hours 4
CITB Subsidised Amount $60
Competency Standard NAT10830001 - Prevent crystalline silica exposure
Prerequisites Students must be able to speak and understand basic English to communicate to a level to perform their duties.
Learning Outcomes

1. The relevant legislation, guidelines and standards

2. The consequences, hazards and risks to health due to exposure

3. Exposure standards

4. Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

5. Hierarchy of Control

6. Systems for prevention of exposure

7. Risk assessment and hazard prevention (SWMS)

Course Objectives

To provide the participant with the outcomes required to recognise the workplace health and safety risks and hazards inherent in working with crystalline silica containing products and determine and plan for the implementation of safe systems of work aimed at reducing exposure to within mandatory exposure limits.


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