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Design grid-connected battery storage systems
Course Service ID 2008
Funded Hours 40
CITB Subsidised Amount $1200
Competency Standard UEERE5001 Design battery storage systems for grid-connected photovoltaic systems - OR - UEERE0060 Design grid-connected battery storage systems
Prerequisites UEERE0054 Conduct site survey for grid-connected photovoltaic and battery storage systems OR UEERE0061 Design grid-connected photovoltaic power supply systems AND UEEEL0039 Design, install and verify compliance and functionality of general electrical installations OR UEERE0051 Apply electrical principles to renewable energy design
Learning Outcomes

1 Prepare to design grid-connected battery storage systems

2 Develop a grid-connected battery storage system design

Course Objectives

This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to design battery storage systems.

This unit applies to a person with a sound knowledge of the components and different system configurations of battery storage systems for grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems and suitable energy management strategies that can be applied to the site where a system can be installed.

A person competent in this unit will be able to design a system, which includes calculating and selecting the correct sized equipment, so the system output performance meets the client specific objectives, within the guidelines of relevant industry standards, regulations and manufacturer requirements.

The unit involves designing a system taking into consideration all necessary work health and safety requirements relevant for the selected system and documenting the design including all calculations, equipment specifications and layouts.

This unit is appropriate for Licenced Electricians or Electrical Engineers with responsibility for designing grid-connected battery storage systems.

Licensing, legislative or certification requirements that apply to this unit may differ between jurisdictions and system types. They should be checked prior to commencing this unit.


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