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Electrofusion weld polyethylene pipelines
Course Service ID 2045
Funded Hours 8
CITB Subsidised Amount $450
Competency Standard PMBWELD302 Electrofusion weld polyethylene pipelines
Prerequisites N/A
Learning Outcomes

This competency applies to operators who are involved in the electrofusion of polyethylene (PE) pipes and pipeline components to quality assurance requirements whilst maintaining personal and immediate site safety. The key features in attaining the required quality are:

1. Identifying materials being used in the installation as compatible for welding
2. Calculating appropriate welding parameters to be used
3. Maintaining and calibrating welding equipment
4. Performing welding
5. Assessing quality of welded joints made.

End applications include pipelines for transmitting gas and liquids.

Course Objectives

This competency covers the electrofusion welding of polyethylene (PE) plastic pipes and pipeline components under industrial conditions both in the field and in factory conditions. and is performed by operators as part of a work team.


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