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Haul truck - New Plant Operator
Course Service ID 20212098
Funded Hours 32
CITB Subsidised Amount $1000
General Awareness To be eligible to receive the CITB subsidy for this course the Truck Licence Eligibility Form is required to be submitted by your employer (or yourself if self-employed) and approved before training commences. This course is non-accredited and does not result in a unit of competency.
Competency Standard This program does not result in accreditation against a unit of competency.
Prerequisites N/A
Learning Outcomes

1. Plan and prepare for operations.
2. Conduct pre and post operational checks.
3. Conduct shut down procedures.
4. Conduct basic operating techniques.

Course Objectives

This course provides participants with limited or no previous experience, with the skills and knowledge required to conduct machine operations in a safe and competent manner.


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