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Lead with integrity
Course Service ID 2116
Funded Hours 16
CITB Subsidised Amount $260
Competency Standard This course is non-accredited and does not result in a unit of competency.
Prerequisites Nil
Learning Outcomes

1. Unlocking emotional intelligence and resilience.
2. Recognise your personality as a leader.
3. Introducing social intelligence, change management, millennial thinking and how changing with the times is a must.
4. Leadership styles, communication and feedback mechanisms.
5. 7 actional principles of leadership and how to implement them.

Course Objectives

This course is designed for existing managers and leaders to enable stronger leadership of their teams. By challenging their personal values and ideals to develop greater emotional and social intelligence, leaders will be supported in creating enhanced personal and employee accountability. Creating a strong culture through leadership and leading teams through change, thinking big and exploring new ideas has never been more important.

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