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Produce labour and material schedules for ordering (Cert 4)
Course Service ID 1356
Funded Hours 24
CITB Subsidised Amount $350
Competency Standard CPCCBC4005A Produce labour and material schedules for ordering / CPCCBC4006B Select, procure and store construction materials for low rise projects
Learning Outcomes

1 Identify and apply all contract conditions to the schedules.

2 Produce material and labour schedules, overlays and orders.

3 Prepare site files.

4 Monitor and report on project costs.

5 Maintain data files of standard costs.

Course Objectives

This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to produce schedules of resource requirements so that orders can be placed for materials and labour for residential and commercial projects and to record and track costs as they are incurred. Knowledge of codes, regulations and approval processes, contractor systems, physical resource and supplier identification and the ability to assess the availability of and requirements for skilled labour are essential.
This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to supervise the systems through which materials are typically selected, acquired and stored on site for projects described by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) as low rise building or construction work (low rise' licensing classification with reference to Class 1 and 10 construction and Class 2 to 9 with a gross floor area not exceeding 2000 square metres, not including Type A or Type B construction).

It ensures the delivery to the site of materials that meet contract specifications and service requirements for low rise projects.


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