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Rail Projects - Induction Program
Course Service ID 2069
Funded Hours 16
CITB Subsidised Amount $260
Competency Standard TLIB0012 - Maintain and use hand tools TLIF0020 - Safely access the rail corridor TLID0020 - Shift materials safely using manual handling methods TLIB2092 - Operate Minor mechanical equipment
Prerequisites Nil
Learning Outcomes

1. Safely access the rail corridor
2. Select, maintain, secure and store hand tools and mechanical equipment
3. How to assess, plan and relocate loads - manual handling
4. Conduct routine maintenance and secure mechanical equipment

Course Objectives

This course has been developed to support the induction of workers on rail project. Participants will undertake training and assessment in how to safely access the rail corridor, use hand tools and mechanical equipment effectively and safely, manual handling and how to conduct routine maintenance on mechanical equipment.

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