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Safety Leadership Program
Course Service ID 1488
Funded Hours 16
CITB Subsidised Amount $260
Competency Standard BSBLDR411 - Demonstrate leadership in the workplace/ RIIBEF402D - Supervise on-site operations/ RIICOM301E - Communicate information/ RIIRIS301E - Apply risk management processes
Prerequisites Students must be able to speak and understand basic English to communicate to a level to perform their duties.
Learning Outcomes

1. Prepare to demonstrate leadership
2. Align behaviour with organisational values
3. Model leadership behaviour
1. Manage on-site safety
2. Communicate regularly with client, personnel, and other relevant parties
3. Diagnose and solve routine and non-routine problems
4. Control work program to ensure objectives are met
5. Coordinate work of personnel
6. Maintain operating records
1. Plan and prepare to communicate information
2. Communicate information to achieve work activity outcomes
3. Develop and perform work activity presentation
4. Participate in resolving conflicts
1. Plan and prepare for risk management
2. Identify and assess unacceptable risk
3. Identify and recommend risk controls
4. Contribute to the implementation of risk controls
5. Review risk management documentation

Course Objectives

Supervisors and frontline leaders play a vital role in achieving and maintaining safety standards in the workplace. They are key advocates in promoting a culture in which safety is a priority.
Participants will engage in a workshop on key practices and principles of health and safety at an operational level, the communication of information and the application of risk management processes. These skills will assist supervisors in creating and maintaining a safe workplace


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