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Understanding the timber framing code (AS1684)
Course Service ID 139
Funded Hours 36
CITB Subsidised Amount $500
General Awareness This course is non-accredited and does not result in a unit of competency. You may be able to seek RPL for the accredited unit of competency if you are wishing to pursue further training in this vocation. Speak to your RTO if this is of interest to you
Competency Standard This program does not result in accreditation against a unit of competency.
Prerequisites A good understanding of English reading and writing; and communication skills the ability to research, access and interpret complex documents numeracy skills to apply calculations knowledge of building terminology.
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course participants will gain knowledge of the scope, application & general content of the Timber Framing Code (AS 1684-1999 Residential Timber Framed Construction), terminology and definitions of the Code, roof, wall and floor framing, racking & shear forces (bracing), fixings & tie-down design, sub-structures, flooring

Course Objectives

This course will assist participants in understanding the current timber framing standards and outline the building regulations and the content of AS1684.2 whilst guiding participants through practical exercises using real life house plans.


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