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Apprentice Funding Support

CITB provide support funding to employers for qualifications listed on Attachment A. This list of qualifications is reviewed each Annual Training Plan year to ensure it meets industry needs.

Q1. Having reviewed Attachment A, do you support CITB continuing to fund the qualifications in the 2022/2023 ATP year? *

Q2. Having reviewed Attachment A do you support CITB providing support funding for:

a. Certificate III in Timber Frame or Truss Manufacture (FWP309200)? *
b. Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (BSB41419)? *
c. 5 year dual apprenticeship for Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician (UEE30811) and Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (UEE32211)? *

Construction Skills Training program

The Construction Skills Training program helps our workforce to continue learning and developing. This program is directed towards safety, licencing, regulatory and compliance requirements.

Each year, we ask Sector Committee members to review low performing short courses and seek feedback on any new and emerging short course trends.

Q1. Please refer to Attachment B for a list of low performing short courses. CITB are recommending that these short courses be removed from the list of subsidised courses for the 2022/2023 ATP year.

These courses can be re-instated at any time throughout the ATP year if required. Please provide your feedback for each of the short courses below.

a. Apply set coats *
b. Wall and floor tiling level 1 *
c. Wall and floor tiling level 2 *
d. Use bricklaying and blocklaying tools and equipment *
e. Handle and prepare bricklaying and blocklaying materials *
f. Apply advanced wallpaper techniques *
g. Sustainable residential design and construction *
h. Manager and Supervisor Development *
i. Enter confined space (refresher) *
j. Handling of asbestos in quantities below licensing requirements *
k. Hot weather (heat stress) safety awareness *
l. Isolation for personal protection & warning tags *
m. Managing WHS in the workplace *
n. CPR Refresher *
o. OHS compliance (Cert 4) *
p. Control of the management of Hazards in the Workplace (Diploma) *
q. Estimating and stock control *
r. Pre-Excavation Management *
s. Lead with integrity *
t. Effectively navigating workplace relations *
u. Design and size stormwater drainage systems (Cert 4) *

For the 2021/2022 ATP year, Apprentices were eligible for short course subsidies, except for high-risk work (HRW).

After consultation with industry and SafeWork SA, it has been recommended that CITB eligible apprentices receive short course subsidies for HRW courses

SafeWork SA believe that the only limitation should be age, therefore if an apprentice meets the age requirements then they are eligible to enrol in the course (eg. Forklift).

Q2. Do you support CITB allowing eligible apprentices (who meet the age requirement) to receive a subsidy for HRW short courses?  *

CITB provide a subsidy for short courses that include both training and assessment.

Currently, CITB does not provide any subsidy for Verification of Competency (VOC) as it is an assessment process rather than a training program.

Q3. Should CITB provide short course subsidies for VOC’s? *

Q4. Does industry require short courses in topics such as:

Understanding ISO9001 *
Understanding ISO4001 The Environmental Standard *
Understanding ISO45001 OHS Management - Occupational Heath & Safety *
Understanding ISO5001 Energy Management *
Addressing disability in design and construction industry *

Please find below PDF's for:

1. Attachment A - CITBs funded qualifications 2021-2022

2. Attachment B - Short courses for review