Year 10 - Exploring Construction

Year 10 > Exploring Construction

Many Schools are delivering construction programs through Australian Curriculum or SACE subjects. These programs provide students with exposure to multiple construction pathways while assisting the students to make informed decisions about Flexible Industry Pathways (FIPs) and prepare them for VETRO.

CITB supports schools that deliver construction programs through:

  • Funding professional development training days for teachers that are teaching a year 10 construction program
  • Providing a hi viz shirt to students in a year 10 construction program
  • Subsidising $100 towards the Whitecard short course for each student in a year 10 construction program that includes industry immersion/work experience
  • Investing in development of resources to support teachers delivering this program (under development)

Common Questions

How do we register our program with CITB?

Please register your program online.

Once you are ready to commence your program please fill out the student registration template below and email to Steph at

How does the school get Whitecard subsidised for year 10 construction students?

Schools that deliver year 10 construction programs through Australian Curriculum or SACE where those programs include industry immersion and/or work experience can receive subsidy for the Whitecard course (this should be indicated on your program registration form).

White card will be subsidised at $100 per student. The training must be delivered through a CITB Endorsed Training Provider (ETP). Please see list of CITB ETPs below and contact the ETP directly to negotiate your arrangements.

The RTO will invoice CITB for the completion of the training which will be cross checked against the student registration template that you have sent to CITB.

  • ATEC - 1300 112 832
  • Carey Training - 08 8351 8812
  • CEG - 08 8645 6800
  • CITC - 08 8301 4500
  • Civil Train – 08 8111 8000
  • NEVC - 08 8397 9500
  • PEER - 08 8348 1200
  • SYC - 08 8405 8500
  • TAFE SA - 1800 882 661
How does our year 10 construction teacher get access to the professional development days?

Professional Development will be promoted directly through Department for Education, Catholic Education South Australia and Association of Independent Schools.

Programs are generally delivered towards the end of the school year. If you have any questions please contact Steph on or 08 8172 9505.