Year 11 - D2C FIP

D2C Flexible Industry Pathway (FIP)

Flexible Industry Pathways (FIPS) have been designed in partnership with industry to identify qualifications appropriate for school students and that contain the skills, knowledge and experience valued by employers. They provide an industry-endorsed pathway to employment, better preparing young people for real-world jobs, and providing a pipeline of young skilled workers for South Australia’s growing industry sectors.

The Doorways2Construction Flexible Industry Pathways include:

  • Building & Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Electrotechnology
  • Civil Construction (refer to Advanced Skills Clusters for further information)

From 4 January 2022, the courses approved for access by school enrolled students will be identified on the VET for School Students List (VSS).

Work experience and Industry Immersion are key components to the success of Doorways2construction programs and we are providing support for students, schools, RTO’s and key industry stakeholders to assist their students through various initiatives.

CITB’s support for students registered students in a D2C FIP:

Year 11 students who are participating in a D2C FIP will receive a CITB D2C PPE pack which includes:

  • Hi Viz Shirt
  • Earmuffs
  • Safety Specs
  • Gloves
  • Glove Clip
  • Hard Hat
  • Backpack

CITB also subsidise short courses for students including White Card and KESAB Cleansite.

Common Questions

How to register your FIP Program?

If your school is running a Flexible Industry Pathway, please register your program with CITB.

Why should you register your FIP Program?

We encourage schools to register their programs to ensure students can apply for a CITB number and have access to the support available (as listed above).

How can my students register for CITB support?

Firstly, make sure your program is registered (see above). This will allow us to populate your school onto our registration link for students.

Secondly, get your construction students to register for a CITB number or download our new myCITB app. Registering is easy and will only take 5 minutes. Make sure your students know what their program focus is, where the program is being delivered, and have a little time set aside.

What if my student would like to do a D2C FIP that is not being hosted by a school?

Endorsed RTO’s can register programs that have been established under Minister Agreements.

Students will be able to register for a CITB number and have access to our support under these arrangements.

How can we co-brand the Hi Viz shirts with our school logo?

To co-brand the Hi Viz shirt please contact our supplier directly - Bianco Construction Supplies on 08 8366 6666.

Can I speak to someone?

Absolutely! Our D2C Contacts are Toni and Steph.

They can be contacted on 08 8172 9500 or and