Year 7 to 9 - Makers Empire

Year 7 to 9 – Makers Empire

Makers Empire - Learning by Design addresses requirements of the Australian Curriculum Technologies area and will introduce students to the building and construction Industry through design thinking problem-solving methodology and 3D design to create solutions to construction problem or challenge in a local context. Makers Empire is a South Australian company that helps 29,000+ educators teach Design Thinking and STEM using 3D design and printing to 2,400,000 students in 51 countries around the world.

Through this program schools will be able to establish partnerships to ensure the program is authentic and allow industry experts to share their knowledge and expertise to enable students to work on real-world projects. There will be 15 schools across South Australia participating in this pilot program, across all educational sectors in the metro and regions.

CITB's support:

CITB is funding this pilot program for 15 schools across South Australia during Semester 1 of 2022. Any future programs will be promoted to schools via an Expression of Interest following the release of the 2022/2023 CITB Annual Training Plan (ATP).

Common Questions

How can my school get involved?

Currently this is a pilot program, but if you are interested in Makers Empire please contact the Makers Empire team at
For further information on Makers Empire please visit their website

What resources and support are provided to schools to support the implementation of the Learning by Design Program?

Makers Empire’s Learning by Design course provides 20 hours of professional development aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and involves:

  • Completing 2 full days of face-to-face professional development
  • Implementing a project with students which involves completing a Makers Empire Challenge Course and working with an industry partner to solve a construction-related problem or challenge
  • Applying pedagogical approaches that enable students to develop deep technological knowledge, as well as critical, creative, and design thinking skills
  • Activating the potential of 3D technologies to develop and enhance students’ 21st-century learning skills
  • Subscription to Makers Empire’s 3D software and resources
  • 5 rolls of PLA filament
  • Hardware training and support
What level of commitment is required by schools?

Availability of two or more teachers to attend Professional Development program for teachers.

Collaborate with industry to develop real-life, authentic projects.

Attend a student-led showcase event where solutions to construction-related problems will be presented and shared with others.