CITB Industry Immersion Programs

CITB Industry Immersion Programs

One of the key signature programs of the CITB is Dooways2Construction (D2C), an industry supported secondary schools’ program that provides career education and Flexible Industry Pathways (FIP) to attract students to a career in the building and construction industry.

CITB have supported the delivery of programs within D2C (such as Try-a-Trade Programs) for many years to provide students with exposure to various construction trades, especially those with low uptake of apprenticeships.

We are now expanding our support for programs to assist students to make informed decisions about entering a D2C FIP in Building & Construction, Electrotechnology, Plumbing, Civil Construction and any other pathways supported by CITB by introducing CITB Industry Immersion Programs.

CITB Industry Immersion Programs are available in the 2022-2023 Annual Training Plan (ATP), and funding is available until 30 June 2023.

CITB Industry Immersion Programs are:

  • Construction Industry Awareness Days/VET Tasters
  • Introduction To Construction (Multi-Trades)
  • Try a Trades
  • Bespoke Industry Immersion
  • Professional Development for Teachers

Further detail on each program and their specific program criteria can be found within the CITB Industry Immersion Program Guidelines (below).

Current guidelines published February 2022 (below) will continue until new guidelines are introduced for programs from January 2023.

To apply for funding:

1. Download and read through the CITB Industry Immersion Program Guidelines (below).

2. Prepare all information for your application.

3. Apply online.

Download the CITB Industry Immersion Program Guidelines:


For further information, please contact Toni Hartley, Program Manager on 0477 957 476 or email