Update Enrolment to Doorways Plus


  • This section is for students who are participating in the Certificate III partial - Doorways2Construction™ (D2C) Plus program.
  • Students are required to update their enrolment information.
  • If you have never enrolled on the CITB website and do not have a CITB number you will need to enrol.
  • Please read the instructions below.

  1. You will need your CITB number to update your information.
  2. If you do not have your CITB number please click the following link Find My CITB Number
  3. When you have your CITB number you are ready to update your enrolment.
  4. To do this click Update to D2C Plus Now and type in your date of birth and CITB number and click Search.
  5. This will take you to the page Update/Renew CITB ID Card where you will need to check your personal details are correct.
  6. Ensure your mobile number and email are current, then click Validate.
  7. An SMS with a 4-digit code will be sent to your mobile. Enter the number in the Confirmation Code and continue checking your details.
  8. In the Employment Details section go to the question Are you a student in a program?
  9. Click D2C (Stage 1) and choose D2C Plus (Stage 2) from the dropdown menu.
  10. For the section Your Educational Institution click Please Select and choose the name of the school where you will attend D2C Plus, this could be different to your home school.
  11. In the Declaration section select CITB Terms & Conditions and CITB Privacy Statement. These documents can also be downloaded.
  12. Click Update to submit your application.
    - You will receive an SMS to confirm that CITB has received your updated details.

       Your D2C teacher will assist you with questions about this process.