Eligibility Criteria for CITB Support Funding

Eligibility to obtain CITB Funding Support

To be eligible an applicant must reside in South Australia and fulfill at least one of the following five criteria:

1. must be employed by an Eligible Organisation which is deemed to be:

    • a company with an active ABN registered with CITB; and
    • can demonstrate that 80% or more of its revenue is generated through performance of construction work as defined in schedule 1 of the Act and so by definition, has contributed to the levy


2. be an Eligible Person which is deemed to be:

    • primarily employed in any of the sectors of the SA building and construction industry and perform a significant amount of their work as detailed in schedule 1 of the Act; or
    • is approved by special application to CITB

3. Apprentices and trainees which are deemed to be:

    • persons undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship in any of the occupations listed in CITB endorsed qualification list; and
    • persons whose employer is a CITB approved organisation; and
    • under a valid Training Contract (TC)

Note: The apprenticeship can be either full-time, school-based or part-time.

4. Trainers and teachers who are deemed to be:

    • qualified trainers who deliver training services to the SA building and construction industry if:

      a) they work for a CITB endorsed training provider, maintain the requisite industry currency criteria and deliver full-time training in a CITB approved building and construction qualification or short course; or

      b) if training part-time, are also working in the SA building and construction industry, as defined by Schedule 1 of the Act
    • Teachers registered with an approved Doorways 2 Construction (D2C) school and who are directly delivering an approved CITB D2C program

5. Migrants

Migrants will be considered on a case by case basis where they hold a Permanent Residency Visa and:

    • have an internationally recognised record of exceptional or outstanding achievement in a construction profession or trade; or
    • are a points-tested skilled worker, sponsored by an employer or state or territory government agency; or
    • are in an occupation that is on the relevant skilled occupations list and have completed a suitable skills assessment for that occupation

Terms and conditions of eligibility

  • eligibility criteria and duration is at the discretion of CITB
  • eligibility can be revoked at any time at the discretion of CITB