Mature Age Supplement

What is MAS funding?

Adult apprentices are crucial to building the pipeline of skilled workers. Taking on an adult apprentice can be beneficial to employers by utilising their existing life skills and work experience.

Mature Aged Supplement (MAS) is provided to assist employers with the additional costs associated with employing adult apprentices.

MAS may be limited to 250 training contract places during the 23/24 ATP year, this number is open for review.

In addition to MAS funding, your apprentices may be eligible for direct support from CITB. For further information on what CITB offer apprentices visit Apprentice Incentives.

  • MAS funding is available in addition to our ATS funding.
  • MAS funding amount may be changed at any time at the discretion of the CITB.


Am I eligible for MAS funding?

To be eligible for funding, you, as the registered employer must be:

  • CITB Eligible
  • meet CITB funding criteria

Your apprentice must be:

  • aged 21 or over at commencement of Training Contract (TC)
  • in the first year of their TC
  • in a TC with a commencement date on or after July 1 2023
  • undertaking a CITB endorsed qualification
  • have an approved CITB number


How to apply for MAS funding?

Please complete and submit a MAS application form.

MAS applications must be submitted prior to your apprentice completing the 6th month of their Training Contract


Employer Funding Compliance

Eligible employers receiving the payments must:

  • Comply with the obligations described in the TC and supporting Training Plan (TP) lodged with the relevant State Government department.
  • Ensure the apprentice/trainee is still employed AND in an active training contract for the claim period.
  • Agree to pay the relevant RTO directly for all off-site and associated trade training and assessment costs for the eligible apprentices/trainees supported by the CITB payment.
  • Acknowledge that CITB will seek to recover any payment made that is not compliant with funding criteria.

Claims and the employer’s responsibilities:

Please note there may be an issue with your claim if you have not notified CITB within 10 working days for any of the following:

  • Change of business address, phone number, email or ABN.
  • Apprentice/Trainee suspension, cancellation of Training Contract or completion of apprenticeship.
  • You must also notify Trainee & Apprenticeship Services (TAS) of these changes on 1800 673 097 or visit Skills SA to download and submit a form.