I hire apprentices through a Group Scheme

If you hire an apprentice through a group scheme you'll still receive the benefit of CITB support funding through a reduced hourly rate.

What do apprentices get out of this?

Apprentices get paid to train, gaining a recognised qualification and a rewarding career in the construction industry without a university debt.

Can the apprentice do other funded short courses while they are in training?

CITB provides training fee subsidies for construction-related short courses except for high-risk work (HRW) to assist apprentices/trainees on their career path.

What if I sign off my apprentice before the full term of the apprenticeship is complete?

Apprenticeship training is completed under the 'Adult Learning' model, which measures learning rather than time. Apprentices progress by proving that they have mastered the knowledge and skills (demonstrating their competence) required for a particular trade, regardless of how long it takes. Early sign off for your Apprentice is not uncommon and it is most important that all parties to the Training Contract are notified of this. Agreement and appropriate notifications need to be included for all parties, the Employer, the Apprentice, the Endorsed Training Provider (ETP) and Trainee and Apprenticeship Services (TAS) so that the completion process happens as smoothly as possible.

On-Job Training Support is payable to the employer at the completion of each full year of the apprenticeship, and is payable on a pro rata basis on the year that the apprentice signs off early. Verification of all completions including early sign off is confirmed by TAS and payment cannot be made until the sighting of this by the CITB.

What other funding is available for employing an apprentice?

Financial incentives for businesses and apprentices are available from State and Federal Government.

Apprentice Trade Support Loans

The Australian Government offers Trade Support Loans of up to $20,000 to apprentices who are undertaking a Certificate III or IV qualification. The loan is repayable once the minimum income threshold is reached.

Who are Brick and Block Careers?

Brick and Block Careers (formerly ABBTF) exist to ensure there is an adequate and competent bricklaying and blocklaying workforce to support the demand for bricks and blocks as a construction material and improve the standing of bricklayers and blocklayers within the industry. There is a shortage of skilled bricklayers in Australia.

For further information visit www.brickandblockcareers.org.au

What are the changes to payment amounts?

Click here to find out more information on the Apprentice Training Support funding changes

What are the benefits to the South Australian construction industry because of the changes?

To ensure that CITB can continue to support employers of apprentices in times of reduced revenue due to the downturn in the construction industry.

How can I find out about changes to rates in the future?

CITB sends out important information and reminders electronically. Ensure that your contact details are up-to-date by using the Employer Login.