Pat is a chippy. Pat can nail blindfolded. Pat is a green belt in karate and hates man buns. She's one of my best tradies.
Strong, capable women are traditionally underrepresented in the construction industry, and it's time that changed.

Today, women represent only 11.3% of the Australian construction workforce —and only 5.5% in South Australia. These figures fall behind those of comparative industries, such as electricity, gas, water, waste and mining, in which up to 22% of the workforce is female.

These figures are relics of another time, and of a long-disproven belief that women are incapable of excelling in these roles. This false belief has for too long denied women of the opportunity to even prove themselves in these roles, and has denied the industry of a vast, untapped well of talent.

CITB are encouraging employers like you to challenge these outdated beliefs and create the stronger, more inclusive workforce of the future. When women can excel despite the additional challenges of overcoming this tradition of exclusion, there’s no telling what more they are capable of — if given the chance.

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She's one of my best tradies.

Like many school leavers, Kelsey had a few delays at the beginning of her apprenticeship. However, it was a chance meeting with carpenter and business owner, Jack who gave her a go. 

“Kelsey has an eye for detail, her work is accurate and she will ask questions.”

Jack is one of many employers who are giving young women like Kelsey an opportunity to make her mark in our industry.

Jack Carter
J.C. Carpentry

"As a qualified carpenter and business owner I recommend giving a female a go."

"I was always eager, committed and had a willingness to show what I was capable of. If a female or male have these qualities then either can do the job."

Christine Mason
Mason Construction
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