When am I entitled to a refund?

You may be eligible for a levy refund if your construction project:

  • Was cancelled or didn’t go ahead
  • Levy lodgement or payment was duplicated
  • Completed value has decreased by $50,000 or more

If you meet any of the above criteria please email our Levy Support team with ‘Refund’ and your ‘Project ID number’ in the subject line.

A Refund Application Form requires the following supporting documentation:

  • Development application (DA) withdrawn/cancelled on the PlanSA portal. Please provide Application ID number or advise CITB if DA has Lapsed; or Confirmation from local council confirming withdrawal of building approval (email/letter) This is only applies to applications made prior to March 2021.
  • Levy Notice or Receipt of both duplicated lodgements or payment information showing the duplicate payment
  • Suitable documentation that confirms the projects final completion value and how the sum of projects final value was reached for e.g. Invoices.