Who benefits and where does the money go?

Levies collected by the CITB are re-injected back into the construction industry to:

  • Provide training to skilled workers within the industry, to further enhance and develop their skills through a network of endorsed training providers
  • Promote increased productivity, career opportunities, personal satisfaction and occupational health and safety within the industry
  • Ensure the SA construction workforce is up-to-date with the latest technologies and construction techniques
  • Support the training of construction apprentices and trainees
  • Avoid skill shortages
  • Implement and manage a wide range of other programs to encourage the uptake of training in the SA building and construction industry
  • Perform research into training and personnel needs within the industry

Some key benefits are:


  • doorways2construction VET program
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) packs
  • Driving lessons
  • Subsidised course fees

Apprentices and Employers

  • Apprentice incentives (e.g., work equipment vouchers)
  • On and off job employer funding
  • Funding for various equality and diversity initiatives

Construction Workers

  • Short course subsidised training
  • tradie2trainer program
  • Ensure the South Australian public is serviced by quality tradespeople.