Heritage Trades Glencoe Woolshed

Glencoe Woolshed, June 2017

The CITB in partnership with the HSR Group conducted heritage building conservation training with 17 trades participants at the historic Glencoe Woolshed shearing facility in the south-east of SA.

Participants received hands-on experience in stone conservation, lime washing techniques, lime mortar use and natural timber conservation techniques. Keith McAllister, HSR Managing Director and international stonemason and his building conservation team led the week-long course to repair and restore a series of arched Blackwood beams, supporting posts and lime-washed walls.

The course is a part of the CITB Heritage Trades Program that offers significant training subsidies to the SA building and construction workforce, providing them with the knowledge and skills to maintain heritage buildings now and into the future. The CITB regularly work with the HSR Group, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and other heritage organisations on similar conservation projects.

Glencoe Woolshed was built in 1863 by pioneer pastoralists Edward and Robert Leake and maintains a rare presence still using traditional blade shearing techniques that are passed on to women and men in the surrounding communities. 

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