Short Courses for Apprentices & Trainees

CITB offer training fee subsidies on over 40 construction courses for apprentices and trainees. Click on a course for more details and find out the CITB subsidised amount.

Courses available anytime during the apprenticeship/traineeship

Asbestos identification and awarenessOperate elevating work platform (boom type)Provide first aid in remote situations
CPR RefresherOperate elevating work platform (scissor lift)Site based risk assessments
Enter confined spaceOperate elevating work platform (vertical personal lift)Timber roof trusses
Hot weather (heat stress) safety awarenessPerform rescue from a live LV panelWork safely at heights
Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more) - HRW

*This is a High Risk Licence Course.

Provide basic emergency life supportWorkzone traffic management (general)
Light gauge steel frame installationProvide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Manual handlingProvide first aid

Courses available during the last 36 months of the apprenticeship/traineeship

Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projectsPlan small business finances
Licence to operate a materials hoist - HRWResolve business disputes (Cert 4)
Legal requirements and the building and construction industrySBM establish business and legal requirements
Managing small business finance in the building and construction industrySelect and prepare a construction contract
Plan building or construction work
Understanding the timber framing code (AS1684)

Courses available during the last 24 months of the apprenticeship/traineeship

Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for low rise building projects (Cert 4)
Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects (Cert 4)
Apply legal requirements to building and construction projects (Cert 4)Lead effective workplace relationships (Cert 4)
Commission and maintain backflow prevention devices (thermostatic mixing valves) (Cert 4)Manage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace (Cert 4)
Design and size consumer gas installations (Cert 4)Manage small business finances (Cert 4)
Design and size domestic treatment plant disposal systems (Cert 4)Prepare specifications for all construction works (Cert 4)
Design and size heated and cold water services and systems (Cert 4)Produce labour and material schedules for ordering (Cert 4)
Design and size sanitary drainage systems (Cert 4)Read and interpret plans and specifications (Cert 4)
Design and size sanitary plumbing systems (Cert 4)Safety testing of electrical equipment and cord assemblies (test and tag)
Design and size stormwater drainage systems (Cert 4)Select and prepare a construction contract (Cert 4)
Disconnect - reconnect water heaters connected to low voltage installation wiring
Service type A gas appliances (Cert 4)

Courses available during the last 12 months of the apprenticeship/traineeship

Operate elevating work platform (truck mounted)