The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) is an industry owned and led, non-government agency responsible for supporting the South Australian building and construction industry in training and skills development.

The CITB collects a levy of 0.25% (1/400th) of the value of Building and Construction work in South Australia over $40,000 and uses the fund to:

  • Provide access to subsidised training for apprentices their employers and workers in the industry.
  • Promote and support careers in construction.
  • Advise the SA Government on industry training.
  • Support training innovation research and planning.
  • Attract our future workforce through vocational training in schools by supporting the doorways2construction™ program.

The CITB levy explained ...


To lead and facilitate training and skills development for the SA building and construction industry workforce, so they can acquire and apply quality, relevant and innovative skills and knowledge in the workplace, for the benefit of the SA community.

Our Future
  • In 2022 CITB will be the broker of ground-breaking training in the construction industry and facilitate the promotion of new training technologies.
  • All of our stakeholders will feel welcomed and valued by us and have trust in our competence and integrity. We will influence the industry by our close relationship with it.
  • Our people will want to be involved with CITB because of our positive work atmosphere.
  • Other organisations will come to see us to learn how we have achieved all of this. Our influence will permeate the industry and government.
Our Values
  • Communicating   
  • Leading                       
  • Agile                      
  • Innovative                     
  • Collaborative       
  • Inclusive
CITF Legislation

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) was created at the request of the SA building and construction industry.  It is established by an Act of Parliament (The Construction Industry Training Fund Act 1993).

The Act and Regulations can be downloaded below, together with the second reading speech to give some context to its drafting.

CITF Act & Regulations