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CITB is a whole-of-industry led organisation that brings together employers, unions and government representatives to support the South Australian building and construction industry by providing leadership in training and skills development for its workforce.


  • Provide access to subsidised training for apprentices their employers and workers in the industry.
  • Promote and support careers in construction.
  • Advise the SA Government on industry training.
  • Support training innovation research and planning.
  • Attract our future workforce through vocational training in schools by supporting the doorways2construction™ program.

CITB Strategic Plan 2017 - 2022


To promote excellence in training, career development and advice to support a safe and productive SA Construction Industry.


To facilitate and support the delivery and development of high quality, innovative training programs.

To support our industry workforce to adapt to change and develop their careers through information, incentives and advice.

To provide trusted information and advice gained by using our data, research and networks to support our industry and government decision making.

To support our industry by responsibly managing the Construction Industry Training Fund through sound governance and accountable administration


Communication   Leadership    Agility    Innovation   Collaboration    Inclusivity


Lead innovative and high quality training in the construction and building industry

  • Revitalise training policy and program delivery
  • Develop research and training program development capacity
  • Develop use of new technologies in program delivery
  • Meet high standard of quality assurance for training program delivery

Revitalise CITB influence and effectiveness through key partnerships with industry, government and the training sector

  • Undertake workforce planning for our industry
  • Build partnerships and alliances across the training and education sectors
  • Provide policy advice to industry and government

Expand the CITB brand and profile as a trusted source of industry expertise

  • Rebrand to refocus industry and government on CITB’s role
  • Undertake communication and engagement activities across the industry, government, training and education sectors

To ensure effective governance and administration of the Fund

  • Meet compliance and risk requirements
  • Maximise the benefits to our industry through effective use of our funds and resources
  • Manage overheads efficiently
  • Empower staff to work confidently and effectively to realise all functions of our Act
CITF Legislation

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) was created at the request of the SA building and construction industry.  It is established by an Act of Parliament (The Construction Industry Training Fund Act 1993).

The Act and Regulations can be downloaded below, together with the second reading speech to give some context to its drafting.

CITF Act & Regulations

Essential Information for Users and Recipients of CITB Services

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