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Flammable Refrigerants
Course Service ID 1494
Funded Hours 60
CITB Subsidised Amount $730
Competency Standard UEERA0007 Apply safety awareness and legal requirements for flammable refrigerants UEERA0084 Service and repair self-contained flammable refrigerants air conditioning and refrigeration systems UEERA0062 Recover and charge refrigerants
Prerequisites 1. Hold a in-training Refrigerant handling licence as governed by the Australian Refrigeration Council. 2. Hold at minimum a restricted electrical licence
Learning Outcomes

The course provides competencies to apply safety awareness and legislative requirements for flammable refrigerants.

Course Objectives

This course provides supplementary units of competency for those with the licensed occupation of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration.
The short course provides the skills and knowledge required to handle flammable refrigerants which are being used in the industry to mitigate the environmental risk of synthetic refrigerants


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