Work Equipment Allowance

Get paid to get kitted out.

You buy your work gear — we pay for it.

Tradies need the right workwear or equipment to do their job. And CITB wants to help you get it, by giving you a $500 allowance. It’s yours to spend at your choice of supplier on your choice of gear – workwear, personal protective equipment, tools, boots, whatever.

How do I know if I’m eligible to receive the Work Equipment Allowance?
In order to be eligible, you need :

  • an approved CITB number as an apprentice/trainee
  • an approved training contract which states your start date as on or after November 2021.
  • to be a first year apprentice in a new training contract (not a recommencement)
  • to be undertaking a CITB eligible Certificate III or Certificate IV qualification with a CITB eligible employer
  • Apply for a CITB number as an apprentice and submit a Work Equipment Allowance application form within the first year of your training contract

Once you have submitted a Work Equipment Allowance application, completed your 3-month probationary period, started your fourth month, your training contract has been approved and you have an approved CITB number the $500 allowance will be made available to you.

How do I apply to receive the allowance?
Simply fill out the below application form. Your voucher will be emailed to you once your application is approved by CITB.

Is there a list of suppliers that I can buy my work equipment from?

Sure is. Here you go.

- Tool Kit Depot. (formerly Adelaide Tools)
- Mitre 10
- Total Tools
- Bianco Construction & Industrial Supplies

Can I use a supplier who is not on the list?

Unfortunately, no. But the above suppliers are industry leaders and have an excellent range of workwear and equipment.

I live in a regional area and don’t have access to the suppliers listed. What are my options?

You should be able to order everything you need online. If your chosen work equipment supplier does not offer this service or there isn’t a tool supplier near you, please contact CITB.

What can I buy with the voucher?

It is recommended you purchase tools specific to your trade. If you already have these tools, then it may be worth asking your supervisor for a list of tools you will need later in your apprenticeship or when you complete your qualification.

You might also want to consider additional personal protective equipment, workwear, or other work equipment that are essential to your work.

Can I change the supplier after I submitted the application?

You will be supplied with one electronic voucher to your nominated supplier. Unfortunately, you can’t change suppliers after submitting your application. However, you don’t have to use the $500 in a single purchase – you can carry over your remaining credit and use it at another time.

Can I use the voucher online?

Absolutely. If your nominated work equipment supplier offers this service, feel free to purchase online. Please note your supplier may charge a delivery fee.

Once you have submitted your Work Equipment Allowance application using the below form, you may wish to find out information about the Apprentice Incentive Payments of $500 and $1,000.
Please only apply once as multiple applications will delay voucher processing.

You can find your employers ABN on your payslip or you can ask your boss

You can find your CITB number using the Find My CITB Number function on the CITB website.

Please select a tool supplier *

Please choose carefully as once selected the supplier can't be changed.

Please only apply once as multiple applications will delay voucher processing.