CITB Number

What is the eligibility criteria for a CITB number?

You must reside in South Australia and fulfill at least one of the following criteria.

How do I get a CITB number?

Apply Now
Our support team will assess your application and get back to you within 2 business days with an SMS.

How do CITB training subsidies work?

CITB training subsidies refer to a reduced rate for course fees on selected construction-related courses at CITB Endorsed Training Providers (ETPs) in South Australia. You may need to ask your training provider if they offer CITB training subsidies, or check our list of endorsed training providers.

You are eligible for training subsidies when your CITB number is approved before you start your training. There are a few reasons why a CITB number might not be approved (see How long does my CITB number last for?). You can find your CITB number and check to see if your status is approved prior to booking your training.

You will need to present your CITB number to our endorsed training provider and they will tell you the gap between the training subsidy and the retail price. Our endorsed training providers claim the training subsidy directly from CITB. Therefore, you don't need to contact us for a subsidy payment.

If your CITB number is not valid, our endorsed training provider may bill you for the full amount because they were unable to claim the CITB training subsidy.

How long does my CITB number last for?

Construction Workers

Your new CITB number is approved for four years. You are required to maintain up to date contact and employment details for your CITB number, meaning any time your contact or employment details change you will be required to update your CITB number by renewing.

If your CITB number is used before the expiry date it will automatically renew for a further four years. If your CITB number has not been used by the expiry date it will be placed on hold and we will notify you via SMS or email. During the on hold period your CITB number cannot be used to access training subsidies. To re-activate your CITB number you will need to renew your details, please allow processing time as approval is not instant.

If you are an Apprentice or Trainee your CITB number will need to be renewed at the completion of your Training Contract. You can apply to have your CITB number renewed and we will be in touch with you to confirm your eligibility.

Doorways2Construction Student
If you are a Doorways2Construction student your CITB number is valid for 12 months.

My CITB number is on hold

There are a few reasons why your CITB number is put on hold:

  • Your CITB number has expired.
  • Your employer has notified us that your details have changed.
  • The ETP has notified us that your details have changed.
  • Your details are deemed by CITB to be incorrect.

My CITB number was previously approved but I have received a SMS text-message saying my CITB number is declined.

If you have recently changed jobs your previous employer may have advised CITB that you no longer work for them. If this is the case, your eligibility status will be declined until you update your details.

If you are still working in an eligible construction role within the construction industry and are still a resident of SA you can renew / update your details online. This will re-submit your application for eligibility and we will be in touch with you.

How do I find my CITB number?

You can find your CITB number on the CITB website.

How do I renew my CITB number?

You can renew your CITB number online on the CITB website

Review your details and ensure they are up-to-date and correct.

Is there a limit to how much CITB subsidised training I can receive?

Yes, you can receive up to $3,000 in training subsidies every financial year.

How much does CITB subsidise per course?

Search our course list to view the CITB subsidy amount.

Who delivers the training?

Our Endorsed Training Providers deliver the training.

What if I cannot find the course I am looking for?

If you have performed a course search on our website and cannot find your course of interest you can contact us on 1800 739 839 during business hours to check your information with us. Otherwise, the course may not be funded by us.

I have moved interstate – can I still use my CITB number?

No, your CITB number is only valid if you are a permanent resident of South Australia and are participating in training at one of our Endorsed Training Providers.