Short Course Funding

CITB Training Subsidies for Construction Workers 

The CITB provides access to subsidised training for over 300 short courses to make training more affordable and accessible to the South Australian Building and Construction Industry. Construction workers can access up to $3,000 worth of subsidised training in any given 12 month period. Training is provided by CITB endorsed Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and training providers across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia. To receive the CITB training subsidy you will need a valid CITB number.

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Training subsidies

Subsidies vary depending on the complexity of the training, course hours and whether plant operation is required.

Samples of subsidies include:

Course RTO Training Cost
(the cost of training varies across RTOs)
CITB subsidy What you pay
White Card $110.00 $70.00 $40.00
Safe Working at Heights $305.00 $120.00 $185.00
HR Licence $1,800.00 $500.00 $1,300.00
Rigging (Basic) $1,425.00 $1,200.00 $225.00
Excavator Operations $1,800.00 $830.00
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Search the list of subsidised short courses on offer from CITB endorsed RTOs. 

When you have selected your course make a booking with the RTO and provide them with your CITB number. 

Depending on the course and the RTO you may be charged the subsidised rate at the time of booking. However depending on the course and the RTO you may be required to pay up front and the RTO will reimburse the CITB subsidy upon successful completion of the course. The RTO will handle your queries regarding payment.

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CITB Training Subsidies for Apprentices & Trainees

CITB provide training subsidies for almost 40 construction-related courses that will assist apprentices/trainees on their career path. The apprentice/trainee can claim up to $3,000 worth of subsidised training in any given 12 month period. 

To receive subsidised training the apprentice/trainee must have a CITB number and be under a valid Training Contract with Regulation and Contract Management.

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