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Dump truck - duty of care
Course Service ID 2034
Funded Hours 4
CITB Subsidised Amount $190
General Awareness To be eligible to receive the CITB subsidy for this course the Truck Licence Eligibility Form is required to be submitted by your employer (or yourself if self-employed) and approved before training commences. Please note: this course is for experienced workers only and does not result in a unit of competency and has been developed specifically to support PCBUs and workers fulfil their requirements under Section 19 of the WHS Act 2012 (SA) and approved Code of Practice. Providing up-to-date training and competency thus ensuring safe systems of work, plant and structures. If you are an in-experienced worker, you will need to undertake the full unit of competency.
Competency Standard This program does not result in accreditation against a unit of competency.
Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course the participant will be able to:
- Plan and prepare
- Conduct machinery pre-operational checks
- Operate Dump Truck
- Load, transport and tip materials
- Relocate the Truck
- Clean up

Course Objectives

To provide training that will enable an operator to demonstrate "Duty of Care" to the National Guidelines for Work Health & Safety. Plan and Prepare for Dump Truck. (including conduct simple operation). Conduct Prechecks, Set up, Shutdown and Stow Plant Safely.


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