CITB Support Funding

Find out about our support funding for employers who take on an apprentice, how to apply for funding and funded amounts.

Claiming for your apprentice/trainee

A CITB Field Officer will contact you and organise a convenient time to meet on-site. The Field Officer can show you the simple online claiming procedures and will set up a login for you.

Check your claim anytime

Did you know that you can check your claim online at anytime? Simply click Employer Login and use the login details provided by your CITB Field Officer. 

Manage your workforce online

You can use your login to manage your workforce online. Instructions are provided in the Employer Manual attached to the email with your login details. Please contact CITB if you need further assistance.

Claims and the Employer’s Responsibilities

Please note there may be an issue with your claim if you have not notified CITB within 10 working days for any of the following:

  • Change of business address, phone number, email or ABN.
  • Apprentice/Trainee suspension, cancellation of Training Contract or completion of apprenticeship.
  • Change of Endorsed Training Provider (ETP).
  • You must also notify Regulation Contract Management of these changes on 1800 673 097 or visit WorkReady to download and submit a form.

Support Funding Schedule

On-Job Training Support

Employers who demonstrate that they have provided their apprentice/trainee with an extensive range of skills and scenarios relevant to their qualification are eligible for the On-Job Training Support payment. Tasks performed on-the-job are recorded by the apprentice/trainee and verified by the employer using the My Profiling app or any other approved eBook e.g. eProfiling. The information collected in the My Profiling app is part of the conditions of payment for the On-Job Training Support payment.

CITB will pay the On-Job Training Support payment for each year of the apprenticeship. Electrical, data & voice, and refrigeration trades can claim up to half the payment amount per year.

Claims for payments should be submitted online, once a year, within 60 days of the date of the apprentice/trainee's anniversary as listed on their Training Contract issued by Regulation and Contract Management.

Up to $2,500.00 per year
>  Eligible electrical, data & voice, and refrigeration trades can claim up to $1,250.00 per year.

Claim Payment
On-Job Training Support funding is paid into the employer’s nominated bank account within 30 days of a valid claim submission.

How to make a claim online
Email reminders are sent to the employer 30, 52 & 59 days after the apprentice/trainee anniversary date with instructions on how to claim.

Activities recorded in the My Profiling app are required to be up-to-date with each claim and forms part of the conditions of payment. Other industry approved eBooks are also accepted e.g. eProfiling for electrical.

Trade School Support

Trade School Support funding provides an upfront discount for apprentice/trainee trade school fees and works to ensure that the cost of trade school is affordable for employers considering an apprentice/trainee. In accordance with Fair Work Australia the employer is responsible for payment of trade school fees.

The Endorsed Training Provider is required to be a CITB endorsed training provider, and in most cases Trade School Support funding is already applied to the ETP invoice.

Up to $1,200.00 can be claimed over the term of the apprenticeship.

Claim Payment
Trade School Support funding is paid to the ETP (trade school) the apprentice/trainee is attending.

Payment Schedule
The ETP can submit one claim per calendar year, which is capped at $400.00.

How to make a claim online
The ETP must be eligible for CITB funding and registered to make a claim online.

Discounted Fees
Trade School Support funding provides the employer, or whoever is paying, with a discounted rate on fees. The ETP passes on the discount to the fee payer, CITB does not directly reimburse individuals or employers.

Aboriginal Apprentice/Trainee Support and Mentoring

The CITB provides additional funding to employers of Aboriginal apprentices/trainees. A mentoring service is also provided for both the employer and apprentice/trainee on a scheduled and as needed basis.

To qualify for the payment employers need to be in contact with CITB prior to employing an Aboriginal apprentice/trainee.

For assistance with sourcing an Aboriginal apprentice/trainee contact CITB on 8172 9500.

Conditions of Funding
  • In order to lodge a claim both the employer and the apprentice/trainee are required to be registered with CITB. 
  • The apprentice/trainee is required to have a valid CITB number at the time of the claim.
  • CITB Support Funding is only applicable for employers and apprentices/trainees who have a current Training Contract being undertaken in a CITB-approved qualification within South Australia. 
  • If the apprentice is with a Group Training Organisation the Host Employer will receive a reduction in hourly charge-out rates.
  • CITB reserves the right to withhold or suspend Support Funding should the above conditions not be met.
  • The claim is payable for the amount available at the time the claim is due.
  • CITB reserves the right to change or remove funding amounts at any time without notice.
Qualifications eligible for CITB Support Funding

Support funding claims can be submitted for apprentices/trainees undertaking CITB-approved qualifications with CITB-eligible employers. 

Eligible Qualifications

› Certificate II in Civil Construction

› Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying

› Certificate III in Cabinet Making (Kitchens and Bathrooms)

› Certificate III in Carpentry

› Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery

› Certificate III in Civil Construction

› Certificate III in Civil Construction (Plant Operations)

› Certificate III in Concreting

› Certificate III in Waterproofing

› Certificate III in Data & Voice Communications

› Certificate III in Demolition

› Certificate III in Electrotechnology Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

› Certificate III in Electrotechnology Systems – Electrician

› Certificate III in Fire Protection

› Certificate III in Glass & Glazing

› Certificate III in Joinery

› Certificate III in Painting & Decorating

› Certificate III in Plumbing

› Certificate III in Power Systems – distribution overhead

› Certificate III in Rigging

› Certificate III in Roof Plumbing

› Certificate III in Roof Tiling

› Certificate III in Scaffolding

› Certificate III in Solid Plastering

› Certificate III in Steelfixing

› Certificate III in Stonemasonry

› Certificate III in Wall & Ceiling Lining

› Certificate III in Wall & Floor Tiling

› Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building)

› Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Site Management)

› Certificate IV in Civil Construction Operations

› Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision

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